Kerry – Cork

Kerry County and Cork City are in the province of Munster. Cork was established around the year 900 making it one of Ireland’s oldest cities. Cork is now the industrial and economic center of Munster. The region is home to many historic attractions.

Ballybunion Golf Club


The golf course founded in 1893 is located in the County Kerry. It features challenging holes nestled in grassy dunes and has been frequently rated among the top courses in the world.

Ballybunion houses two courses, The Old Course and The Cashen Course.

Charles Fort

charles fort

Southeast of Kinsale, at the head of the harbour. This coastal landmark dates from the late 17th century. It was constructed to prevent foreign invaders from entering the port. The fort remained in use until the British left in 1921.

Blackrock Castle Observatory

blackrock castle

Located on the banks of River Lee, 2km from the center of Cork city. Originally developed as a coastal defence fortification in the 16th century to ward off rebel pirates and other invaders. The castle has a long history of being destroyed and rebuilt. Since 2001, the castle has served as a museum and observatory.

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