Trinity Homes



Trinity Homes is a residential development company that offers a whole new experience to purchasers. The IIP project include TWO phases built on 5 of development. All lands are purchased of which 2 lands for Phase I are partly built and for which sales have started Including:

Berryfields, Wexford

Almost completed: this development consisted of 28 detached and 30 semi-detached houses. In which 45 are regular residential houses (all sold) and 13 social housing which are currently under construction (Four 3 beds semi-detached, four 4 beds semi-detached and five detached homes).

Gorey town

A beautiful busy town, within 50 min of south Dublin. It is becoming known for exclusive women’s boutique shops and restaurants. It’s population almost doubles in the summer with thousands of holiday homes in the surrounding area. It’s 10 minutes from local beaches and generally the weather is better there than most - which is why is extremely popular for holiday homes. The development is completely new entirely. Below is a image of the expected finish and design based on a similar layout.

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