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Ireland is a country with a rich history and a vibrant economy. The country has currently the 2nd highest GDP per inhabitant in Europe, one of the lowest unemployment rate, while offering high quality health care and education. There are many ways to immigrate to Ireland Including:

Enterprise Investment Program

Endowment- Donation

Main benefits of the IIP:

1. As long as an investor doesn’t withdraw is funds from the investment before the three year mandatory period, his immigration status will still be protected irrelevant to the level of success or not of the Project in which the Investment was made, making the immigration status completely secure.

2. Children are entitled to free education in Ireland up to University and to free university after three years of residency.

3. The visa holders are not expected to live in Ireland and are only required to visit at least one day in every 12 month period.

4. Retain the permanent residency after your investment term. You can seek citizenship after 5 years if you stayed in Ireland.

5. Irish passport holders are EU citizens and can work and live anywhere in Europe as they please.

6. UK provides settlement status to Irish Citizens and Irish children will be treated as local students for universities in the UK.

The Process is simple and quick. You can get accepted in 3-4 months.

A Simple and Safe process:

Invest only once your application has been approved. Once you complete your investment you will be issue a stamp 4 which will be valid for 2 years and will be renewed for a further three years as long as you haven’t become a burden for the state or committed a criminal offence and have visited Ireland at least one day per calendar year. If your opted for the enterprise option, you will also need to demonstrate that you have maintained your investment in the project for the minimum period of three years. You can then keep renewing your residency every 5 years or if you decide to live in Ireland.



Enterprise Investment Programme

Non-EEA nationals and their families making an investment in an approved investment project in Ireland can obtain Residency. Applicants approved under the Immigrant Investor Programme will be granted a right of residence in Ireland which will also cover their spouse and dependent children up to 24 years old. When the application is first approved, the applicant will be granted residency permission for a period of two years. At the end of the initial two years period, and if the applicant has respected the conditions of the program, the residency will be renewed for a further three years and will thereafter be renewed every five years.

Minimum investment amount: €1,000,000

Minimum Net worth required: €2,000,000

Minimum Investment duration: 3 years

When is the investment made: After the approval

Who is covered: Main applicant, spouse and dependent children up to 24 years old

Duration of visa: The visa is valid initially for 2 years and will then be renewed for 3 years if the investment is kept in the Project. After the third year there are no more conditions attached and the visa will subsequently be renewed every 5 years.

Criteria for renewing visa:

1. No criminal record.

2. The individual is self-sufficient and does not become a burden on the Irish state.

3. The investment was completed at the outset of the project and retained for at least 3 years and this is whether the company was successful or not.

4. Visa holder need to have been present one day every 12 month in Ireland.


Endowment (donation) Programme.

A minimum donation of €500,000 in a project of public benefit in the arts, sports, health, cultural, or educational field. The endowment should be regarded as a philanthropic contribution with a clear public benefit. Investors will receive no financial return or recoupment of the investment.

Where a group of five or more investors wish to combine their philanthropic endowments to contribute to an appropriate project, a minimum investment of €400,000 will qualify under the Programme. €500,000 philanthropic donation by an individual.

Main benefits of the Endowment Programme:

1. Direct residency from the date of donation without condition;

2. Direct process between the Government/Charity to the immigrant and his family;

3. Les cash flow needed (400,000 instead of 1,000,000) leaving you the rest of the money to invest;

4. Get advantages from the Charity for example : priority for kids enrollment in school, being invited as major donator guest for the year-end gala, being on the board of major donator etc;