McGuire Project Management has deep roots in the Republic of Ireland and is a continuation of the family heritage of excellence. Our main office is headquartered in Dublin and offers the best services to individuals or companies willing to relocate in the Republic of Ireland. Through our team of professionals, which includes accountants, lawyers, construction specialist and tax advisors, we support our client from their first step into the Republic until they reach complete success with their relocation and implementation plans.

We have helped many individuals to relocate in Ireland trough the Irish Entrepreneur and Investor Program and are looking over their investment interests. Past successful projects include nursing home, tourist property development, milk powder manufacture company, etc. In end of 2016, we were chosen as the sole partner by GEC under Dublin BIC, to supply legal structure and promotion service for their Expansion Project of GEC. Because of the high quality and credibility, this project was approved by INIS only 4 months after submission and this is one of the Exemplar Projects for the year 2016-2017.

Investment and Immigration can be complex and challenging and we make sure that the process is smooth and safe for all of our clients. We believe in long term relationship with our clients and our reputation is our most precious asset.

Our projects:

  • Diversity
  • Low Risk
  • Stable Return
  • Strict Supervision
  • High Passing Rate
  • Guaranteed Refund of money