Connacht Distillery

Project :2 Connacht Distillery (2 Investors)

The Connacht Distillery sits on the banks of the beautiful River Moy where the river widens into
the Moy Estuary in Ballina, County Mayo. Here Connacht distill and barrel-age spirits in a rural,
coastal environment unique to the West of Ireland. The Distillery is a totally self-contained
2500m2 facility. The custom-made equipment combines the high efficiency and high capacity of
modern beer brewing with the traditional brewing and fermentation processes needed for
making fine whiskey. The Connacht Whiskey Company Ltd. make fine hand-crafted pot still Irish
whiskey in the West of Ireland.

Irish whiskey is in the early stage of a global renaissance, with exports expected to double by
2020 and then double again by 2030. It is the fastest-growing whiskey in the US.
Currently, Ireland lacks any regionally produced whiskeys that reflect the country’s various
terroirs. Connacht Whiskey’s goals is to introduce US consumers to the beauty of a hand crafted,
single pot still Irish whiskey from western Ireland.

Irish whiskey enjoys growing demand, but has very little supply, with only 10 distilleries in the
country. In comparison, Scotland has over 115 working distilleries.


connacht whiskey2Connacht Whiskey’s distillery, located in Ballina, County Mayo, is built, operational and laying
down premium Irish whiskey. It is the only distillery located along the Atlantic Ocean with size
and scale, and its location offers a unique customer proposition in the marketplace.

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