Insurance and private healthcare

You can avail of private health care if you can pay for it directly or you are covered by a private health insurance policy. Some employers offer health insurance as part of an employment package.

It is usual practice that no immediate private health insurance coverage is available for medical conditions existing before taking out a private health insurance policy. The restriction shall be removed upon the following periods of continuous membership: 5 years for members under 55; 7 years for members aged 55-59; 10 years for members aged 60 and over.


Do I need a private insurance?

As an Investor, you can’t become a burden on the state and will have to contract a private insurance.


How much will the insurance cost per year

If you only plan to come to Ireland once a year, a travel insurance would be sufficient and can be purchased for as low as 300 RMB per 30 days of coverage, while visiting Ireland or 1500 RMB yearly.

If you plan to live in Ireland, a basic coverage for a family of 3 would cost between 1200-1600 per year, while a more comprehensive coverage would cost between ___ and ___


I want to buy private health insurance; how can I do this?

You can contact one of the private health insurers in Ireland.

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