While we offer many high quality immigration projects suitable for immigration in Ireland under the Irish investor Program, sometimes you just wish you could do your own Project or perhaps, expand your current company into Ireland and use this as an opportunity to immigrate with some of your key staff or establish an investment platform for your clients in need of immigration. Our team and professional can support you in all aspects of your effort.

If you meet the minimum following criteria and are interested in starting your project in Ireland, we invite you to write to us directly:

  1. Prepare to invest at least €1,000,000 in Ireland.
  2. Have currently at least 5 employees.

  3. Are looking to set-up your company in Ireland.

We will help you design the most efficient tax structure, incorporate and register your company in the Republic, provide directorship support, facilitate the transfer and valuation of any IP and design a business plan suitable under the IIP Program.

Please contact our professional personnel for more details.